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    Special features

    TEGO® Foamex 805 N

    Universal let-down defoamer for low pigment content formulations and clearcoats, easily incorporated, especially for polyurethane formulations, well suited for post-addition.

    TEGO® Foamex 810

    Universally applicable millbase defoamer, good effectiveness against micro-foam when used in let-down.

    TEGO® Foamex 815 N

    Strong defoaming with very good compatibility, widely applicable, particularly in formulations based on acrylate, styrene-acrylate or 2-pack epoxy binders.

    TEGO® Foamex 822

    Strong defoaming, well suited for clearcoats and sensitive systems, good long-term defoaming.

    TEGO® Foamex 825

    Strong defoaming, also for polyurethane-acrylate binders, well suited for use in combination with TEGO® Foamex 810.

    TEGO® Foamex 830

    Highly compatible, silicone-free defoamer for use in millbase.

    TEGO® Foamex 840

    Strong defoaming. For use in millbase and let-down. Good long-term effectiveness.

    TEGO® Foamex 845

    Very strong defoaming with fast foam knock down, especially for surfactant rich formulations.

    TEGO® Foamex N

    Very strong defoaming in solventborne and radiation-curing formulations.

    TEGO® Foamex 1488

    Very strong defoaming with foam-inhibiting characteristics, universal applicability.

    TEGO® Foamex 3062

    Very strong defoaming and foam-destruction effect in millbases and high-viscosity formulations.