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  • Deaerators prevent micro foam and pinhole formation in the coating. They are very important in high viscosity and high solid systems, and absolutely vital for airless application. 


    Special features

    TEGO® Airex 900

    Outstanding performance particularly in higher viscosity formulations.Ideal for radiation-curing and 2-pack epoxy systems.

    TEGO® Airex 901 W

    Excellent effectiveness against micro-foam in airless/airmix application. Particularly for waterborne, high viscosity formulations.

    TEGO® Airex 902 W

    Universal use against micro-foam. High compatibility.

    TEGO® Airex 904 W

    Good effectiveness against micro-foam. Good balance of compatibility and effectiveness.

    TEGO® Airex 920

    Universal use in clear and pigmented, radiation-curing formulations. Silicone-free.

    TEGO® Airex 922

    Very strong deaerator for solventborne and solvent-free epoxy highbuild coatings.

    TEGO® Airex 931

    Universal use in solventborne formulations. Also highly effective against macro-foam.

    TEGO® Airex 940

    Good compatibility combined with effectiveness against micro- and macro-foam.

    TEGO® Airex 990

    High effectiveness and good compatibility in regular solventborne and High Solids coatings. Recommended for clear and pigmented coatings. Universal use for all application methods. Solvent-free.